The past, present and future of containers by Timothy Chen

The past, present and future of containers

這次的 docker talk 中, Tim 跟我們分享了整個 container 在 linux 中發展的概念。

因為一些技術問題,影片最後有點被切掉,但是還有錄到 90% 的分享。

Talk 簡介

You’ve heard the term “containers.” Maybe you’ve heard the buzz surrounding new technologies like Docker and CoreOS. They plaster the front pages of HackerNews and reddit .

If you’ve wondered just what the big deal is and what they are, this is a simple, what, why, and a how-to for containerization and how you can use it with your application.

Simply put, containerization enables you to scale your apps with increasing ease. For developers, you can abstract away your infrastructure and stop worrying about developing, testing, and running in identical environments – it’s all the same inside your container.


Timothy Chen - Distributed Systems Engineer

Timothy Chen – Distributed Systems Engineering Lead at Mesosphere




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