How to make a Mobile App in 30 minutes – Hybrid Mobile App by Jonathan Chen

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前端主題分享連發! 這次我們請到在Google擔任前端工程師的 Jonathan 分享開發hybrid mobile app的經驗。Jonathan以live coding的方式來示範開發hybrid app的流程,並在30分鐘內完成了一個類似Instagram的食譜分享軟體,開發速度讓人印象深刻。

Demo source code:

Talk 簡介

  • Why Hybrid apps (Hybrid vs. Native)
  • Make a mobile app using AngularJS + Ionic +
  • Write once, run anywhere. (iOS / Android / Web)



Jonathan Chen is currently Frontend Engineer at Google, specialized in UI development and data visualization. Previously he worked as Full-Stack Engineer at Amazon, and Sales Engineer at IBM. He is passionate at exploring fast-development framework and tools that help test new ideas in the market quickly and pivot faster.



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