Mobile A/B Testing with Feature Flag System

11 月份的聚會我們請到 Jacky Wu 跟我們聊聊 Slack Mobile 工程團隊如何使用 Feature Flag System ,跳過 App Store 的審查機制,達到從 server 端更改 App 的運行。


On the web frontier, because developers own the deployment environment, they can deploy their product at any given time as they wish. Mobile products are not as fortunate.

The app store review process can take up to days and still sometimes result in rejections. This bottleneck negatively impacts mobile feature delivery and growth experiement.

However, worry not, mobile developers have adapted a technique called “feature flag” that allows them to achieve continuous delivery, perform AB testing, and even dynamically change mobile features from server-side without app resubmission.


Jacky Wu
Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu

Senior iOS Engineer – Slack
iOS Software Engineer – Udemy
Co-founder Glamorsky – Inc
Software Engineer – Apple Maps Apple



Keynote 投影片下載連結

Demo 所使用 Feature Flag 的工具


One thought on “Mobile A/B Testing with Feature Flag System”

  1. Thanks for the information!
    We use Leanplum in our Android App as well (Firefox for Android).
    But only use it for in-app messages and push notifications.
    Feature Flag is something we can definitely look into.
    Very useful!


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