May Meetup (ONLINE): Prepare Mindset for 100% remote/post-pandemic (Dosudo X NATEA-SV)

Hi EVERYONE, long time no see, this May, Dosudo collaborates with NATEA-SV and invite Alin to be our guest speaker.

The Topic is about:

Prepare Mindset for 100% remote/post-pandemic

Twitter says employees can WFH forever and Google and Facebook say employees can WFH for the rest of the year.

The reality shows that COVID-19 is changing the world. Software Engineers might be one of the most WFH-friendly roles and some companies are considering switching to fully or semi-remote in the future.  Learn about the future of remote working from an industry expert!

Dosudo and NATEA Silicon Valley chapter cordially invite Alin (@alincode) to share her 5+years experience of fully remote working and her insight on how to prepare your mindset to the new world of remote working. 

Speaker: Alin(@alincode)

Founder of 遠距工作者在台灣 (work remotely in Taiwan) and has 5+years experience of fully remote working. Senior backend engineer with experty in Javascript and web development technology.

(Founder of 遠距工作者在台灣 (work remotely in Taiwan) and has 5+years experience of fully remote working. 大多的時間負責後端程式開發,熟悉 Javascript 與 Web 相關技術,熱衷鑽研各項技術研究、經驗分享、培訓授課與在台灣推廣遠距工作理念,是「遠距工作者在台灣」社團的創辦人。)

To Join

Starting at 5 PM PST (5/23) or 8 AM TPE time (5/24)

Join the ZOOM on event time: (Zoom “password” will be announced 48-hours before the event)


    • 5:00-5:10: Rex:  Introduction of NATEA-SV and our new website (
    • 5:10-5:20: Andy:  Introduction of Dosudo and remote working companies
    • 5:20-5:50: Alin Speech (Prepare Mindset for 100% remote – 50 minutes)
    • 5:50-6:00: Q/A
    • 6:00-6:20: Open Mic/virtual social


[聚會 #6 – 26 Sep @ 2:30pm] The past, present and future of containers by Timothy Chen

The past, present and future of containers
The past, present, and the future of containers


這年頭,沒有聽過,看過,用過 docker 就好像是沒有用過 iPhone 一樣可恥,docker 能夠飛天,能夠鑽地,能夠幫你把你整個 data center 中所有執行中的程式搞得服服貼貼的,還能夠幫你看小孩,溜小狗,讓所有宅宅桌機都可以跑類似 production 一樣的環境,免掉著名的『在我的機器上可以跑啊,在你的機器上怎麼不行?』這種困擾。

docker 這麼好用,還不快去買?

但是你知道嗎?docker 只是 linux 支援的 container 之中的一種喔!!

趕!docker 就 docker!container 是啥東西?可以吃嗎?

賣緊張,這次我們又請到 Mesosphere 擔任 Distributed Systems Engineering Lead 的 Timothy Chen 來跟我們剖析 container 的過去,現在,與未來。讓你以後在公司狂電同事老闆,高人一等。


2:30 to 3pm getting ready 🙂

The past, present and future of containers

(3pm to 4pm, including QA)

You’ve heard the term “containers.” Maybe you’ve heard the buzz surrounding new technologies like Docker and CoreOS. They plaster the front pages of HackerNews and reddit . If you’ve wondered just what the big deal is and what they are, this is a simple, what, why, and a how-to for containerization and how you can use it with your application. Simply put, containerization enables you to scale your apps with increasing ease. For developers, you can abstract away your infrastructure and stop worrying about developing, testing, and running in identical environments – it’s all the same inside your container.

Timothy Chen – Distributed Systems Engineering Lead at Mesosphere

Timothy Chen - Distributed Systems Engineer
Timothy Chen

Hacking Software Engineer Interviews

(4pm to 5pm , including networking)

In the meet-up, Cheng-Tao will share his experience as an software engineer interviewer at various companies including Google, LinkedIn, Square, and Codecademy.

Particularly, what different characteristics that interviewers from companies at different stage are looking for, as well as, what signals he personally is looking for during his interviews.

The session will be interactive and questions will also be highly welcome. If there is enough time, Cheng-Tao will also share tips of how to engineers can better prepare themselves for the interviews and a brief introduction of his startup which is aiming at disrupting the traditional engineer hiring process.


Cheng-Tao Chu – Google, Linkedin, Square, and Director of Engineering at Codecademy, currently starting up



26 Sep 2015 @ 2:30 pm


Industrial Technology Reserach Institute (ITRI)
2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA 95134, USA


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[聚會 #2 – 12 Apr @ 2pm] Routing OpenStreetMap – by Zero Cho


Routing OpenStreetMap

為了防止邪惡的企業勢力摧毀地球,開放社群們的勇者自 2004 年以來,磨著 OpenStreetMap 這把劍,對抗 Google 的 Google Maps (儘管我很愛用 XD),Microsoft 的 Bing Maps ,Yahoo 的 Yahoo Maps,與 Apple MacOS/iOS 上面的 Maps,圖的就是一個不屬於任何財團,跟 Wikipedia 一樣大家都可以貢獻的世界地圖 App。

這次,讀書肚很榮幸邀請到在 Twitter 的 Zero Cho 跟我們分享他在 OpenStreetMap 上面開發 routing 所使用的演算法,資料庫,與 API。


  • A quick recap on Graph
  • How is routing done?
  • How do we improve it?
  • Moving to neo4j
  • QA


12 April (Sun) 2PM


848 San Ramon Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(Startup團隊:Hibiki 的巢穴,大感激Hibiki 願意出借場地)


Zero Cho
Zero Cho

Zero Cho,剛從 Georgia Tech 畢業,由亞特蘭大搬到加州開始在 Twitter 上班的新生活。



RoutingOSM – 投影片

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[聚會 #1 – 14 Mar @ 2pm] Microservice Architecture 101 – by Ko-Chih Wu


Microservice Architecture 101

Microservice architecture is gaining popularity in the community, as large scale websites, such as Netflix and Amazon, adopted this paradigm and achieved better scalability. In this talk, we will cover issues with monolithic approach, how microservice architecture addresses those issues, and how it works in the real world.


  • Issues with monolithic approach
  • Why should I care about it
  • What is microservice
  • Sample application
  • Things to watch for


14 March (Sat) 2PM


848 San Ramon Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(Startup團隊:Hibiki 的巢穴,大感激Hibiki 願意出借場地)


灣區林志炫 - Ko-Chih Wu
灣區林志炫 – Ko-Chih Wu

Ko-Chih Wu,號稱灣區林志炫,除了有酷似林志炫的外表與歌聲以外,還是宅宅工程界的佼佼者。

Ko-Chih 原在台灣諸多新創公司中擔任後端程式設計師,在 2013 年時由新創公司 Taulia 直接贊助 H1B 簽證的方式直接遠渡重洋,降落矽谷,目前在 Taulia 中擔任 Team Lead。

Ko-Chih 同時也是技術社群的熱衷參與者。