Mobile A/B Testing with Feature Flag System

11 月份的聚會我們請到 Jacky Wu 跟我們聊聊 Slack Mobile 工程團隊如何使用 Feature Flag System ,跳過 App Store 的審查機制,達到從 server 端更改 App 的運行。


On the web frontier, because developers own the deployment environment, they can deploy their product at any given time as they wish. Mobile products are not as fortunate.

The app store review process can take up to days and still sometimes result in rejections. This bottleneck negatively impacts mobile feature delivery and growth experiement.

However, worry not, mobile developers have adapted a technique called “feature flag” that allows them to achieve continuous delivery, perform AB testing, and even dynamically change mobile features from server-side without app resubmission.


Jacky Wu
Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu

Senior iOS Engineer – Slack
iOS Software Engineer – Udemy
Co-founder Glamorsky – Inc
Software Engineer – Apple Maps Apple



Keynote 投影片下載連結

Demo 所使用 Feature Flag 的工具


Distributed Time Travel for Feature Generaetion

這次十月份的聚會我們請到了目前任職於 Netflix 的工程師 DB Tsai 來跟我們聊聊 Netflix 在做機器學習 (Machine Learning) 上所遇到的經驗及解決之道。



DB Tsai
Netflix Senior Research Engineer
Apache Spark Committer


Clean Code 讀書會,現在進行式

Clean Code
Clean Code

如果你還不知道,Dosudo 讀書肚 – 矽谷軟體工程師讀書會的眾多工程師大大們正在共讀/共筆這本大師之作,讓自己寫出來的 code 更加簡潔優美。

筆記與討論會持續更新到這個 Google Doc 中,歡迎參考。


  • 視訊討論:使用 ,連結持續公布于讀書肚 Facebook 社群中。
  • Slack 討論 channel #clean_code_discussion ,想要 invite 的請來信 darwing.chen 在 ,著名你想使用的 email 地址即可。


感謝 Facebook 工程師 David Lee 主揪!

Introduction to Software-Defined Network

13975465_10209990813276048_7952671971082334091_o 8月份的聚會我們邀請到 Charles Chan 來介紹 Software-Defined Network 的發展及應用。幾乎所有大型的網路公司 (Google, Facebook, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) 都在架構上採用了SDN技術,想更了解這項技術的話千萬不要錯過 Charles 的分享。

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Introduction to go, and why it’s awesome


這週六由 Janet 所分享的 Go/Golang 現場激發出很多討論,尤其是由 Google 發起的 kubernete 專案本身也全都是由 Go 開發而成這點。

漸漸地,Golang 在矽谷新創圈中的使用率越來越高,社群也有逐漸長大的趨勢,究竟在語言的設計上,執行效率上,分散式運用上有何異於常人之處?



Janet Kuo

Janet Kuo

Software Engineer at Google, currently working on kubernete project.




How to build a simple chat service with nodejs, sockjs and redis by Pochen Lin

 How to build a simple chat service with nodejs, sockjs and redis by Pochen Lin

How to build a simple chat service with nodejs, sockjs and redis by Pochen Lin

這次 Pochen Lin 的分享非常精彩,除了 Live Coding ,在 1 小時之內用 Node.js, socket, angulr, 與 Redis 搭建出一個 fully functional 的聊天系統以外,還與大家分享了矽谷資訊人在特殊產業的工作秘辛




柏丞是一個Javascript熱愛者, 從前端入行後一路拓展自己的領域到全端工程, 開發過商用CMS解決方案, POS金流系統, 行動支付, 即時訊息服務, 串流視訊平台 ; 對於使用者介面與客戶端應用有非常豐富的實務經驗, 目前做為cams. com的FE, 負責第三方API與視訊相關的核心功能

Pochen is a javascript enthusiast. He starts his career in front-end and heads toward full-stack development. He has been developed CMS solution for business, Online POS system, Mobile payment, Real time messaging service and Online streaming platform. He has deep understanding for user interface and client side application. As a front-end dev in Cams. com, he is mainly in charge of the 3rd party API and the core features of streaming in his team.

範例 Github



How to make a Mobile App in 30 minutes – Hybrid Mobile App by Jonathan Chen

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前端主題分享連發! 這次我們請到在Google擔任前端工程師的 Jonathan 分享開發hybrid mobile app的經驗。Jonathan以live coding的方式來示範開發hybrid app的流程,並在30分鐘內完成了一個類似Instagram的食譜分享軟體,開發速度讓人印象深刻。

Demo source code:

Talk 簡介

  • Why Hybrid apps (Hybrid vs. Native)
  • Make a mobile app using AngularJS + Ionic +
  • Write once, run anywhere. (iOS / Android / Web)



Jonathan Chen is currently Frontend Engineer at Google, specialized in UI development and data visualization. Previously he worked as Full-Stack Engineer at Amazon, and Sales Engineer at IBM. He is passionate at exploring fast-development framework and tools that help test new ideas in the market quickly and pivot faster.